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bonsai tools; bonsai concave cutters; tools for bonsai
bonsai tools; bonsai concave cutters; tools for bonsai

Concave Cutters


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Concave cutter for bonsai are indispensable bonsai tools. It can be used to easily remove both living and dead branches. The concave shaped jaws of concave cutters leave an elongated wound on the bonsai when cutting. This heals very quickly and the scarring is minimal.

The concave cutter is an essential tool among Bonsai enthusiasts. This tool is used when removing branches from the trunk of the tree. The tool allows you to cut flush with the trunk, allowing you to easily remove the branch without damaging anything you don’t want to. It allows you to cut a V shape cut into the wood allowing the wound to heal quickly and with little scarring.

Dimensions (L x W ): 8.5” x 2.5” 

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