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fukien tea bonsai; extra large bonsai tree
fukien tea bonsai; extra large bonsai tree
fukien tea bonsai; extra large bonsai tree

XXL King Size Magnificent Fukien Tea


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Fukien Tea. Extra Large. Extra magnificent. A marvelous piece for any collector or bonsai lover. 24 years old!

This bonsai is native to China and has small white flowers that spontaneously bloom. The foliage is dark, glossy green and small in size, which beautifully contrasts with the flowers. The flowers turn into red berries that turn darker with age. These bonsai have artfully curved trunks which have been trained over many years.

Keep in the day lit area, but out of prolonged direct sunlight. Keep soil evenly moist. To check moisture, feel if the top of the soil is dry to the touch. If so, it is time to water. Water gently and thoroughly from above, allowing the pot to drain over a sink or tray. Fertilize monthly between May - Nov with the Bonsai (recommended) or the general fertilizer. Recommended temperature is 65 degrees F and up.

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